Georgia is a small country in the heart of the Caucasus with an illustrious past.

Nestled in Eurasia's Caucasus region assumes Eastern Europe and Western Asia influences, evident in its ancient cities, architecture, and perfectly preserved monasteries to its coveted polyphonic performances, music, and extraordinary fashion and art scene as well as its mouthwatering cuisine.  

It is the birthplace of wine, with a documented 8000 years of wine history, the land of the Golden Fleece, Prometheus, and Medea. It is a hidden gem with fertile soil, delicious farm-fresh food, untouched nature, dramatic mountain peaks, and talented craftspeople. 

Made in Georgia was created to bring the best of Georgia online.  It is the first business in the United Kingdom that offers such a broad range of Georgian products online. We have curated Georgia's best with products including organic teas from the subtropical region of Guria, farm-to-table products such as fresh juices, condiments, and cheeses, and we are proud to offer handmade ecological toys.

Our mission is to share a taste of Georgia and its wonderful crafts while supporting local communities. We choose farmers and craftspeople that align with our mission. Our goal is to give this small, beautiful country and its flavors and talent a platform and marketplace

"Made in Georgia" London Team